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Posted on 3/15/16

The new album is well underway and sounding absolutely beautiful.  After a year of cross continental collaboration, producer Orlando Ribar and I have created a collection of 8 tracks we think you're really gonna love.  None of this would have been possible without the support of those who gave so generously on Kickstarter last year.  I'm so grateful and so excited to share this new project with you soon.  We are now beginning the process of mixing and mastering, eyeing a proper release date in later summer.  Look for a single to be released sometime around June!  

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NYC Redeye Residency - 1 Year Anniversary
Posted on 8/18/15

In February, I celebrated 1 year of my permanent residency at the Redeye Grill in midtown Manhattan (right across the street from Carnegie Hall), singing and playing a mix of pop and soul covers mixed in with my originals.  I simply couldn't have asked for a classier or more enjoyable job.  If you're in NYC, please drop in for a drink and spend part of your evening with me. You can find show dates and times here!

New York Songwriters Circle Performance – New Video
Posted on 8/3/15

It’s always a treat to play the New York Songwriters Circle and share the stage in a Nashville-style songwriters round with solid songwriting talent.  I had the great privilege of playing the Circle’s August showcase and shared some of the material from my in-the-works album.  Check out this video of new song “Silence and Distance” here.

Kickstarter Success!
Posted on 5/1/15

WE DID IT!!!!!!! A huge thanks to all of you who pledged so generously to Kickstarter in April to help me fund my next solo album.  The level of support was simply overwhelmingand we surpassed our set goal.  As I embark on the adventure of creating this new project I’m excited to take all of you along with me. I am beyond grateful to know there is somuch love and goodwill surrounding me and my music. THANK YOU all for helping me to live my dream.

Kickstarter Campaign 2015: Help Todd Make A New Album!
Posted on 3/26/15

It's time for me to make a new album - and I need your help! Please take a look at my Kickstarter page and consider making a pledge. I'm offering some great rewards and incentives in exchange for your hard earned bucks. You can help me spread the word by sharing this video with friends on social media.

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@Rperkov good to meet you today, Ron!
NYC! I'm playing tonight @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30 with @nafsicasinger! Come swing by! https://t.co/HBO5fmvwWC
I got this at work the other night https://t.co/lGHXpD0Jhk
Yes, @JohnCena, that was really friggin cool. #LoveHasNoLabels
Greeting from LGA, where I just filled up my canteen with water from a dispenser covered in mysterious brown gunk https://t.co/rbn45FGRoP
Greeting from LGA, airport that devotes entire showcases to lottery tickets https://t.co/4qqFgZZHcQ
Greetings from LGA, airport with a food court that makes no sense that's currently blasting heavy metal music at the crack of dawn
NYC! I'm playing tonight @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30 with Kristin Mularz! Come swing by! https://t.co/RaujK4wrwL
We did it!!!! A heartfelt THANK YOU to the 62 kind souls who gave so generously. We far exceeded the initial... https://t.co/j1qPCW1Du7
Final hours! Fundraising will close at 5pm EST today! Visit... https://t.co/2XF4LdCrg7